PhD and postdoctoral scholarships at the University of Zurich (הגשה עד 10.2.2011)

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PhD and postdoctoral scholarships at the University of Zurich

The University Research Priority Program (URPP) Asia and Europe of Zurich University explores exchanges and encounters between Asia and Europe that have taken and continue to take place in the areas of culture, law, religion and society. It promotes research by junior graduate scholars at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels within a structured and interdisciplinary research environment.

We invite applications for 6-8 research positions (at doctoral or post-doctoral level) that will be assigned to one of the following URPP Asia and Europe research fields: Concepts and Taxonomies, Entangled Histories, Norms and Social Order(s).

Starting date: 1 September 2011.

PhD or post-doctoral candidates should submit an original research project relating to one of the three research fields. PhD candidates are expected to enroll in the URPP's graduate program, where discussions are conducted in German and/or English. Candidates should therefore have adequate knowledge of German or be ready to acquire the necessary language skills upon notice of election.

Requirements: Doctoral level: M.A. or equivalent academic degree qualifying the candidate to submit a PhD thesis in one of the following disciplines: East Asian Art History, Chinese Studies, Cultural/Social Anthropology, Gender Studies, Geography, History, Indian Studies, Islamic Studies, Japanese Studies, Law, Political Science, Study of Religions, Theology. Post-Doctoral level: PhD in one of the disciplines listed above or in a different discipline but with post-graduate qualifications in one of the listed disciplines.

We offer: a stimulating and demanding disciplinary and interdisciplinary research environment (4 faculties, 12 disciplines), opportunities to share one's own research interests with professors and peers from various disciplines, and appropriate space for research initiatives from among the participants.

Employment conditions: 50% research position at Zurich University (for two years). PhD dissertations and habilitations, if applicable, are to be submitted at the University of Zurich. Research positions involve participation in the various academic activities of the URPP but no teaching or administrative duties.

Applications should be submitted electronically by 10 February 2011 according to the application guidelines published on our website to the following E-Mail address:

Please visit our website for the application guidelines and for additional information on the URPP Asia and Europe:


Dr. Inge Ammering, URPP Asia and Europe, Program Coordinator Tel.: +41 44 634 07 38, E-Mail:

Andrea Riemenschnitter

Director of URPP Asia and Europe Chair,

Modern Chinese Studies

University of Zurich

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